We’re in LOVE with our February Super Mentor of the Month!

ceceCecelia is the epitome of super-awesome – that’s why she’s been chosen as Bolder’s February Super Mentor! She’s been paired with her mentee since October, and they’ve been open to adventure ever since. When Cece’s mentee shows an interest in something – Cece runs with it. She’s taught her mentee how to knit and they plan on practicing piano together. They keep physical activity fun and exciting by doing a variety of things: volleyball, yoga, spin classes, and improving their mile time at the gym. Not only do they love being physically active, but the pair also enjoys being active in their community. Cecelia and her mentee have volunteered almost 10 hours of their time since they’ve been matched! Over the past few months we’ve seen a boost of confidence in Cece’s mentee; we know this is because she has an amazing role model who shows her what she’s capable of and lets her know it’s okay to be silly. Thank you for making a difference in your mentee’s life, Cecelia!

Find out how being a mentor and sharing what YOU love can help change a young person’s life.

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