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Be a tutorWhat does it mean to be BOLD?  Consider this: Mateo had only been in the United States for two months when he signed up for Bolder Options’ tutoring program.  He was attending school, but spoke little English.  He lacked confidence, had trouble making friends, and because he was too nervous to speak in class, he quickly fell behind. Then Mateo started coming to Bolder Options.  He was shy at first, but the small group setting and the one-on-one time with tutors made him feel comfortable.  The support of Bolder Options allowed him to more than double his reading and math scores.  His English started improving, and he felt more comfortable speaking aloud when surrounded by people who believed in him.  Most noticeably, Mateo grew in confidence.  In just one year, he went from being a shy and anxious sixth grader to a confident, intelligent and BOLD seventh grader.

The Bolder Options tutoring program is just one of the many programs we are proud to offer to Minnesota youth.  Consider becoming a Bolder Options tutor at our Minneapolis location.

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