Today is the day!

I know what you’re thinking, what’s so special about Thursday? It might seem like just another day, but maybe today is the day you decide to be BOLD and join Bolder Options in teaching youth to succeed in ALL of life’s races! Whether you are new to or an old friend of Bolder Options, whether you’ve considered being a mentor before or it’s never even crossed your mind, here are the top 5 reasons why NOW is YOUR time:

pair running to finish1. Spring has sprung and the weather won’t be this beautiful forever! Alright, I know it was snowing just a few days ago, but I’m hoping wishful thinking will help. Check our events calendar and enjoy the season by joining us for some beautiful outdoor runs, rides, or other events this summer!

2. It’s not too late to achieve your goals! Did you know that only 46% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions past 6 months? Maybe you wanted to be more physically active, volunteer more of your time, or simply try something new. Whatever your goals are, Bolder Options can show you how your efforts can benefit a youth at the same time.

finland small3. There’s just enough time to start training for our Destination BOLD marathon in October! We’re heading to Victoria, B.C. this year so break out those running shoes and contact Heidi Mastrud at if you are interested!

4. We know this time of year can get busy, but we work with lots of different schedules. If you don’t believe me, read this blog about a time-crunched mentor who still found time to make a difference, or this article about how even Governor Dayton made time to mentor!

5. It’s National Take A Chance Day and that is what our youth mentoring program is all about. Be BOLD, try new things, see what we’re all about. For more information about mentoring, click here. There is never a wrong time to start supporting the youth in your community and remember, the longer you wait, the more fun you’re missing out on!


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