The Meaning Behind the Holiday

Hol·i·day: a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done. Some of you may laugh when reading the dictionary’s definition of “holiday” (myself included). The modern holiday has adopted a completely different meaning than that of its distant relatives. Ask 5 different people what the holiday means to them, most will respond with the traditional answer “a time to spend with those you love.” While this may be the greatest intention of them all, actions speak much louder than words. Many find themselves worrying about buying enough gifts, spending an equal amount of money on their children, bending over backwards to buy all that is desired. Once the gifts are bought the focus turns to racing against father time, heart pounding, frustration rising, only to spend several hours at a relatives house. Instead of enjoying those few precious hours, the clock is ticking, if you stay one minute too long your drive to the next stop will become a nail-biting journey.

This holiday season I am challenging you to stop, take a breath, and remember the true meaning of this time of year. Every time tension rises take a second to think about how lucky you are to be in a situation where time is found so precious it causes stress. I challenge you to enjoy every second you have with your loved ones and to remember all you have to be thankful for. Many families all around the world, including some of the families we see at Bolder, are thankful for the roof over their heads. The holidays can be such a joyous time of year when the choice to live in the present is made.

Thank you to all of our mentors who give several hours each week to serve as a positive influence in a young person’s life. The greatest gift of them all is a love and support!

Those who have thought about mentoring there’s no better time than the start of the New Year! One thing mentors learn very quickly is that the impact is not a one way street. The amazing youth who come to Bolder have so much to offer, these kids really bring out the best in anyone they encounter. Ready to be bold? Find out more about mentoring today!

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