Thank You Mentors!

Happy National Mentoring Month!

Every day people have the opportunity to change the lives of youth. In the spirit of National Mentoring Month Bolder Options Volunteer Coordinator, Jasmine, shared the story of how several mentors impacted her life decisions for the better.

Being a mentor for a youth can be as simple as guiding them through life’s twists and turns. For Jasmine, it was her high school art teacher, Ms. Stazer, who pushed her to apply for college. Being the first in her family to attend, she required guidance through the application process as well as a little nudge when she felt unmotivated. Thanks to Ms. Stazer’s help, Jasmine soared through the application and was accepted!

After her high school graduation, Jasmine excelled in college with the support of her second mentor, Frank. Without judgment, Frank lent an open ear and acknowledged Jasmine for who she is. His passion for change and equality motivated her through the various challenges and fears she faced. Thanks to the support of this dedicated mentor, Jasmine graduated college and is striving to make an impact in the lives of many youth today.

Bolder Options would like to thank all of our mentors for sharing their gifts, talents, and energy with our youth. Please feel free to share in the comments below how a mentor has helped impact your life!


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