Thank you for Inspiring Me


So, who mentored you? Do they know that they are on your list? If not, now is the perfect time to find them and let them know.As part of National Mentoring Month,  Thank Your Mentor Day is January 21st and there is no better time to track down that teacher, coach, pastor, club leader or Bolder Options volunteer who invested their time, talent, and treasure in you. At Bolder Options, we know that a Mentoring experience can, and often does, impact the lives of BOTH the Mentor and the Mentee, so maybe each one might want to thank the other for “being there” and sharing the journey. ONE youth matched with a caring adult ONE time a week can result in TWO lives changed for a lifetime

Stop and say “Thanks” for lighting my way.

  1. Click on the image & download one of these  digital “Thank You” cards
  2. Fill it out and then email it as an attachment to the person who mentored or inspired you
  3. Send us a copy to share on our website or Facebook page (Cc:

“Thank You” card to a MALE MENTOR

“Thank You” card to a FEMALE MENTOR

“Thank You” card to a MALE MENTEE

“Thank You” card to a FEMALE MENTEE