Super Mentor of the Month


Super Mentor for March 2017 is…

At Bolder Options, being a mentor is simple. Just be YOU and share your passion for living a healthy, active lifestyle with a deserving young person in need of a little extra guidance and support from a positive, caring adult. Get up, get out, and let your light shine once a week with your mentee. You don’t need to be the hero…you’e not asked to save the day. Just be willing to explore a world of opportunity that will help your mentee find, or create, a more positive path toward a brighter future.


Super Mentor for March 2017

supermentor_MAR2017March’s Super Mentor of the Month is Adam Barrett. Adam and his mentee Denzel have been matched since last July. Their bond is special and Adam says this is because their relationship is based in honesty. Adam states that, “since day one, I’ve always admired Denzel’s honesty.”  He and Denzel strive to make their time together enjoyable, and have developed a mutual trust and respect. It’s that trust and respect that Adam says, “has helped a lot when we’ve had some tough conversations.” They also push each other to step outside of their comfort zones to try new and different things.

Denzel and Adam have done a wide variety of activities. He says that the some of the best times they have together are when they push themselves and get the adrenaline pumping. They’ve done a couple 5Ks and some long bike rides too. It was hard for Adam to choose one favorite memory of all the times they’ve had together, but he said it would probably have to be when they completed the Vikings 5K last October. This was the first big event that they did as a pair. They worked hard to reach a time goal and were able to achieve it! After the race they got to play on the field at US Bank Stadium and tour the locker rooms. Adam says that, “there’s nothing better than accomplishing a feat together and then celebrating afterwards.”

Adam says the key to being a good mentor is truly living in the moment when you’re with your mentee. He says that when they spend time together, “we try to get out and do something fun, learn a few things and have an open dialogue.  My main goal is for him to always feel comfortable and trust that I have his best interest in mind.” His advice for anyone who might be thinking of becoming a mentor is to not be afraid of asking questions of your mentee and their family. He says it’s important to know about what is happening in your mentee’s life outside of the four hours you spend with them each week.