Super Mentor of the Month


What does it mean to be a Super Mentor?

At Bolder Options, being a mentor is simple. Just be YOU and share your passion for living a healthy, active lifestyle with a deserving young person in need of a little extra guidance and support from a positive, caring adult. Get up, get out, and let your light shine once a week with your mentee. You don’t need to be the hero…you’e not asked to save the day. Just be willing to explore a world of opportunity that will help your mentee find, or create, a more positive path toward a brighter future.

Super Mentor for February 2018

February’s Super Mentor of the Month is Katie!

Katie and her mentee Sarah were matched in July of 2017. By days (and sometimes nights), Katie can be found caring for others as a nurse at Mayo Clinic. This passion for service and kindness helps make her an incredible mentor to Sarah. Katie and Sarah have been hanging out once a week for the past 6 months. They have set goals together, achieved goals together, and pushed themselves to do more.

Typically, Sarah and Katie can be found finding – or creating! – recipes of delicious and healthy foods. They make sure to include tons of colors and flavors in all their dishes. Bolder Options offers monthly cooking classes and these ladies love to attend so they can find inspiration and learn new skills.

Beyond cooking, Katie and Sarah are working towards a goal of completing 3 ten-mile bike rides this summer. They spend time at the YMCA regularly training and working up their endurance to ride 10 miles without stopping. They are currently at 6 miles and are working hard to reach 10! They are very excited for all the snow to melt and the temperatures to rise so they can take their bikes outside.

Katie always has a sincere and positive outlook on life. She is helping Sarah work on her patience and disruptive behaviors at school. Sarah’s mother says she has seen those types of improvements in Sarah and she is very grateful for Katie’s guidance and support. Sarah is eating better, getting more active, and getting along better with her friends and family. The year is only half over, we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Congratulations to Katie on being named February’s Super Mentor of the Month!