Super Mentor of the Month


Super Mentor for October 2017 was…

At Bolder Options, being a mentor is simple. Just be YOU and share your passion for living a healthy, active lifestyle with a deserving young person in need of a little extra guidance and support from a positive, caring adult. Get up, get out, and let your light shine once a week with your mentee. You don’t need to be the hero…you’e not asked to save the day. Just be willing to explore a world of opportunity that will help your mentee find, or create, a more positive path toward a brighter future.


Super Mentor for October 2017

Francisco and Salmaan
October’s Super Mentor of the Month is Francisco!

Francisco and his mentee Salmaan were matched in May of 2017. They both enjoy science and math, Francisco is a resident at Mayo Clinic and Salmaan is interested in computer science. Salmaan loves to go bike riding and is very excited about life and exploring new activities. Salmaan struggled in school last year when he first came to our program because he didn’t find it interesting or engaging, thankfully Francisco has stepped in to help encourage him to attend classes and is there to help with homework.

Francisco has been such a consistent and caring presence in the life of Salmaan who is an only child and lives with his mother. These two have grown to enjoy weightlifting at the local YMCA. Salmaan’s late father had a passion for weightlifting and was very well known for being the first Somali body-builder who attained his physique naturally, without steroids. Francisco and Salmaan are carrying on that tradition of weightlifting and focusing on their physical health.

Salmaan is very excited about this coming school year and has set some awesome goals for himself. He’d like to create better relationships with each of his teachers and earn all A’s once he gets his first report card. In his 3rd week of school, he has already been asked if he would like to switch to Honors classes! This is a huge step for Salmaan because last year at the end of the school year his grades were very poor and he was extremely disengaged in school. Salmaan is talking over this amazing opportunity with Francisco.

Francisco goes to Salmaan’s soccer games and practices as well as being there for general life advice. They have grown close and will continue to build a great friendship. Francisco has gone above and beyond to be a positive role model for Salmaan. We are so excited to see the amazing things these two will continue to do for each other!

Congratulations to Francisco on being named October’s Super Mentor of the Month!