Super Mentor of the Month


Super Mentor for September 2017 was…

At Bolder Options, being a mentor is simple. Just be YOU and share your passion for living a healthy, active lifestyle with a deserving young person in need of a little extra guidance and support from a positive, caring adult. Get up, get out, and let your light shine once a week with your mentee. You don’t need to be the hero…you’e not asked to save the day. Just be willing to explore a world of opportunity that will help your mentee find, or create, a more positive path toward a brighter future.


Super Mentor for September 2017

September’s Super Mentor of the Month is Sam!

Sam and his mentee Brandon were matched in May and have managed to squeeze in a lot of fun over the past four months. They really enjoy spending time together because they have many shared interests including football, basketball, video games, and biking. They often play basketball and football at the park by Brandon’s house. They also love to talk about sports together. Brandon knows practically every player in the NFL, so they have many conversations about favorite players, best players, and coolest players.

Together they have also come to a variety of Bolder Options events. This summer they spent a lot of time in the Bolder Options garden and cooked with fresh produce from plants that they planted themselves. They also did a Grand Rounds Bike Ride with Bolder Options and Sam said this was his favorite memory was so far. The ride was 12 miles long and prior to that, they had only been riding on the stationary bikes at the YMCA. Sam said, “It was awesome to see how determined Brandon was to keep going and finish the ride. That was a great first “long bike ride” for us to work our way up to our 20 mile ride goal!”

When asked why he’s a Super Mentor Sam said, “I love working with kids, and being a role model. I grew up the youngest of three boys, so I had two great mentors of my own… I always wanted a little brother, or something similar…Having someone who looks up to me helps me continue to be a better person each day.” He says that if you are on the fence about being a mentor, “DO IT! This has been a great experience for me–I can already tell that I have made an impact on Brandon. Even further, he has had a huge impact on me.”

Congratulations to Sam on being named September’s Super Mentor of the Month!