Super Mentor of the Month


Super Mentor for July 2017 was…

At Bolder Options, being a mentor is simple. Just be YOU and share your passion for living a healthy, active lifestyle with a deserving young person in need of a little extra guidance and support from a positive, caring adult. Get up, get out, and let your light shine once a week with your mentee. You don’t need to be the hero…you’e not asked to save the day. Just be willing to explore a world of opportunity that will help your mentee find, or create, a more positive path toward a brighter future.


Super Mentor for July 2017

July Super MentorThose who meet Kyle and his mentee know right away that they have something special. Both are kind, funny, and excited to learn new things about the world and the people around them. We appreciate that Kyle is consistent and always looking for new opportunities for his mentee. When we asked Kyle to provide a few words for Bolder Options about being chosen as our July Super Mentor of the Month, Kyle humbly said:

I have mixed feelings about being named the mentor of the month. I have only been in this program for six months, and I am extremely lucky to have been paired with a young man as kind, smart, and engaged as my mentee. In working closely with a 14-year-old for the first time, I am tapping into instincts that I didn’t realize I had, and that I’m still feeling out for myself as I go. For me, has been about learning to accept the awkward moments and mistakes—knowing that they are a sign of growth and learning—and learning to accept the paradox that what I can give him will never be enough, and that it’s still absolutely worth giving. My mentee has been a great teacher: patient and honest. Any credit that I get truly belongs to him, as well as Darrell and the hardworking staff of Bolder Options for all they do the support us behind the scenes.

Kyle, we appreciate you and are honored to call you a mentor and look forward to all of the amazing things that you and your mentee will accomplish next!