Super Mentor of July!


Many mentors put their heart and soul into the relationship with their mentee, and this July we’d like to highlight one who has helped his mentee through a very difficult year. Doug Greener’s mentee, Shakur, knew from the very beginning that Doug would always be there to listen, as well as to give him extra verbal and emotional support, even if he didn’t ask for it.   Doug’s consistency has been a great comfort to Shakur, and the pair can truly say they have become great friends.  They have attended so many activities together that they have become very well-known with the other Bolder Options pairs.  In fact, Doug has even helped our staff come up with some new activity ideas!  He is everything we ask for in a mentor, and we appreciate all that he has given, and continues to give to make sure Shakur feels as valued as every child should!

If you want the chance to make a positive difference in the life of a youth like Doug has, check out our page to find out how you can start now!

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