Super Mentor for May

AnuThough you may recognize these two people as Carter and Anu, around the office we have a habit of referring to them as “The Dream Team”.  Carter is outgoing and charismatic while Anu is quietly caring and motivated, always pushing Carter to work harder and smarter.  Recently, Anu and Carter set a goal of achieving honor roll on his Q3 report card – and with Anu’s help, Carter knocked it out of the park. We reached out to the two of them about why they like mentoring, and Carter said,  “I like to do a lot of fun activities and learn things…also I get to beat all of my mentor’s high scores on his phone!” Anu chimed in and said, “Mentoring is important to me because I also get to learn and participate in fun activities! The additional responsibilities and time spent does however mean that I have to make compromises in certain aspects of my own life.  But as a result of mentoring I have seen personal growth in myself, just as I have in Carter.  This has made my experience as a mentor meaningful and more than worthwhile.”

Congratulations Anu!  You’re a SUPER mentor

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