Shoes For Grades





We’re giving the spotlight this week to an organization that we partner with that is doing incredible work to support youth in  Minneapolis. Bolder Options is proud to support Change Equals Opportunity, and their Shoes For Grades program. Each month, we are able to pass along athletic shoes we can’t use in our program to CEO.  They use the shoes as a reward for students, and especially student athletes, who accomplish their goals of raising and maintaining their grades in school. Founder of the program, Jamil Jackson says “it is our responsibility to reinforce the notion that working hard and staying on track has benefits and rewards even though all they see is attention given to those who misbehave.”


The pride in their hard work and smiles these students walk away with is more than enough of a reward for us! Thanks to Jamil and Change Equals Opportunity for allowing Bolder Options to be a part of the positive revolution you’ve started!


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