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Rochester “Super Mentor of the Month” for June

Stuart Vrieze and Braden have been matched since last November. Braden can be a shy kid, but is fun and goofy once you get to know him. Stuart was very excited to mentor a youth and have a positive impact in their life. They have bonded over their love of sports and the outdoors. They have spent time doing many different things including riding exercise bike, playing mini-golf, basketball, ping-pong, disc golf, catch with a football, and playing board games. Braden has tried new things and has come to enjoy them! We introduced him to the card game “Magic the Gathering” and now he and Stuart enjoy playing that together!

They have also spent time working on academics together. Stuart has helped Braden with his homework, and to help improve his reading skills, they have been reading a teen adventure book together which Braden is really enjoying. Braden comes from a home of multiple children, so he appreciates this one on one time with his mentor.

Stuart and Braden were invited to attend the Amateur Sports Commission Banquet in Rochester where Braden got to meet, get an autograph, and get a picture with one of his favorite Football players, Chad Greenway. Stuart and Braden agree that they have gotten to do some really fun and unique things they may not have otherwise done on their own.

We commend the growth we have seen from both Braden and Stuart while being in our program. They have a few months left and we can’t wait to see what awesome things they pack in before their graduation!