Running RAGNAR through Team Bolder Options

I’m Ready! What steps do I need to take to get this party started as a RUNNER?

PHASE 1: Please click on the expanding tab below that relates to how you want to participate as a RAGNAR runner then review the step-by-step instructions for what needs to take place during the registration process. Registering with Bolder Options will be mentioned as STEP 1 in the instructions. Registering with us is done by filling out the online form at the bottom of this page and contributing $10 toward securing your fundraising effort.

FORM A TEAM: Instructions for Team Captains forming an A, B, or 6-Pack running team
JOIN A TEAM: Instructions for those invited to join a RUN team

PHASE 2: After forming or joining a running team, you’ll then register with Bolder Options by securing a $10 deposit toward your potion of your team’s overall fundraising goal. Register using the online form below.