One-on-One Mentoring

one-on-oneMentoring Overview:

  • Mentors spend 2-4 hours a week with their mentee for one-year, following the application/orientation process.
  • Mentor/mentee pairs attend healthy life skills meetings: goal setting, nutrition, and caregiver/youth, led by staff.
  • Mentor/mentee pairs attend monthly group activities to promote positive peer relationships and socialization skills.
  • Mentors, mentees, and mentees’ families are supported by program staff in training, program requirements, social services, and advocacy as necessary.

Goal Setting:

  • Mentees set S.M.A.R.T. goals to complete throughout the year: an academic health goal, a social/relationship health goal, and a physical health goal.
  • Mentors work with their mentees on breaking down goals into smaller pieces and taking the steps necessary to complete each goal.

Physical Activity:

  • As part of the physical health goal mentors and mentees train to cross the finish line together in three 5K running races or three 15-30 mile bike rides. A community race and ride is offered monthly.
  • Mentor/mentee pairs are educated on health and wellness topics throughout their year together to promote healthy habits and an increase in knowledge about what it means to be healthy.
  • Weekly wellness check-ins are offered weekly at our Minneapolis and St. Paul offices, and mentor/mentee pairs participate in a time one mile run at the beginning and end of the program to measure improvement in fitness levels.

Academic Support:

  • Mentors are encouraged to assist their mentee with their academic goals, homework, and general support in school.
  • Our Academic Support Specialist works with each mentee, as well as their mentor, family, and school to develop individualized goals and learning plans to best support them through their academic challenges and successes.
  • A drop-in tutoring center is offered to all mentees and alumni.  The center is available once per week for youth to get homework help, study, work one on one with tutors, and/or develop their math and reading skills through an individualized curriculum.

Alumni/Leadership Opportunities:

  • Mentor/mentee pairs are encouraged to volunteer together throughout the year with community agencies, at races, and at Bolder Options events.
  • Mentees are encouraged to attend camp, apply for internships, and/or grant opportunities. Staff supports mentor/mentee pairs in these ventures.