Academic Support

academic-supportDrop-In homework help

Building on our expertise in working with struggling youth, the drop-in Academic Center is open to young people in our mentoring program and alumni network.  In conjunction with mentoring as an intervention, Bolder Options hopes to establish more meaningful relationships with youth and families to provide additional support.  The Academic Center is open to any of our youth who need additional support one day a week.  Bolder staff and mentors help youth with their homework needs, online research, paper-writing, study habits, and more. Our goal is to ensure that the youth in our program don’t slip through the cracks, and that we can team with other adults who have access to our youth every day to offer them as much support as they need.

All youth in our program are also offered an individualized curriculum that is developed by Ben Cooney, our Academic Support Specialist, to meet their specific learning needs.  The goal is to fill in the math and reading gaps that each youth is missing in order to help them succeed as they progress in their regular classes.