Pass it On! Mentor Referral Campaign


Pass It On Cards2

Our 2018 mentor recruitment is underway and we’re looking to match 50 deserving youth with positive, caring, outgoing adults as quick as we can…because kids are counting on YOU to be the Difference!

    • If you’ve mentored a youth through our program in the past, you know more than anyone, the benefits of being a mentor…Pass it On!
    • If you’re a youth alumni that enjoyed the friendship, excitement, and adventures of spending time with a caring adult, you know the rewards of having a mentor…Pass it On!
    • If you’re a supporter of Bolder Options, you know how passionate we are about making sure every youth that enrolls with us finds their voice, their value, and the joy of having a good friend…Pass it On!


So the “Pass it On” Challenge to our current and past mentors,
alumni youth, and proud supporters is this…

  • Get a stack of (5) Pass it On! Mentor Recruitment Cards from us
  • Reach out to at least (3) friends, share the Bolder experience with them, and ask them to join our cause by becoming a youth mentor!
  • Say to them, “You’re a good friend, and I believe YOU have what it takes to be a positive influence in a young person’s life.”
  • Each Pass it On! card has the simple tasks of being a Bolder Options youth mentor printed on the back.


Go to and fill out the online application. Questions? Twin Cities Call Rob Lyons at 612-677-2645 or email or for Rochester call Grace Pesch at 507-218-5400 or email