Our Volunteers Are BOLD!

CeceIt’s National Volunteer Week and Bolder Options is joining the celebration of some of the most passionate, kind, driven, and just plain fun people we know… Our volunteers!

Take Jimmy, for example. He first learned about Bolder Options through seeing flyers at the center where he plays tennis. He found his niche volunteering his time at Bolder Options’ first Tennis Open Tournament earlier this year, but he certainly isn’t stopping there. Jimmy has since applied to become a mentor and is now eagerly waiting to be matched with a young person in the coming months.

Cece is a current mentor with Bolder Options who was matched with her mentee this past October. After diving in to the work of Bolder Options when  she volunteered  at last year’s Bolder Dash, she took a leap and decided to become a mentor, as well. In just the past 6 months, Cece has taught her mentee how to knit and they both have participated in activities like volleyball, yoga, rock climbing, and spin classes. Cece was even named our Super Mentor of the Month in February because of her exceptional commitment and dedication to her youthJorge.

Last, but never least, Jorge is a current Bolder Options volunteer as a member of the board of directors.  Jorge generously shares this time and talents by providing vision and direction in developing the future of Bolder
Options. Jorge is also a mentor almuni. During his time as a mentor, Jorge and his mentee completed seven 5k events, five bike events and achieved many goals together.

It is because of volunteers such as Jimmy, Cece, and Jorge that Bolder Options is able to continue doing the work we do. Help us thank ALL of our volunteers during National Volunteer Week and check out how you can get involved by either becoming a mentor or checking out our other current volunteer opportunities. There is something for everyone and remember: all you got, is all you give!

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