October features a “Dynamic Duo” of Super Mentors

It’s often hard to come up with the Super Mentor of the Month as there are so many deserving candidates. So this month we picked two. We’re pleased to introduce you to the Dynamic Duo of Super Mentors, Ed and Brooks!
Ed_William (800x800)

“Super Mentor” Ed with his mentee William

Ed, and his mentee William, have been through a lot this past year.  Despite at times having a difficult time attempting to get William to open up Ed has stuck by William through it all.  From time to time, Ed encountered some of the “trying experiences” that many mentors face when they are building a relationship of trust while getting to know their mentee. Ed understood the barrier and put his best energy forward and William responded.  Although Ed doesn’t always get to witness it, William has made awesome strides in his school behavior and his academic performance. William has learned how to engage with adults more positively and often brags about the activities he and Ed have done together.

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Super Mentor Brooks with his mentee Terryon

The second half of the Dynamic Duo recognizes Brooks for the amazing impact he has had on his
mentee, Terryon.  Many people in Terryon’s life have seen him transform into a more confident young man.  He has taken the initiative to become more active and to focus on his health with the encouragement from Brooks.  Terrryon has also made tremendous strides in school and really wants to tell Brooks about starting this new school year off well.  Brooks has taken the time to get to know Terryon and has essentially become part of his family.

Although Ed and Brooks are both very humble, there is no doubt that they should be applauded for taking the time to build relationships with their mentees. This sometimes difficult step in the mentoring process, was the key to both pairs being able to set the foundations of trusting relationships that have paved the way for them to continue nurturing experiences and making a difference!

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