Mother knows best


A mother knows when something is making a difference for their child. The mother of two kids in the Bolder Options program, sent this message to us:
“I just wanted to let you know that M’s Principal just called me to tell me that she is being given an award at school for helping others. M has been helping a classmate with autism for quite some time now, and now she is also helping another boy. She sits between these two boys in class and they are both improving greatly. She helps them during class and also at lunch and recess. She encourages them to raise their hands and not to be afraid to give the wrong answer. She also invites them to her table when they are alone at lunch, and plays with them at recess. M is also introducing them to her own friends and making them part of the group. Her greatness is not going unnoticed. The principal told me that this award is something very rare (I forgot the name of the award with all the excitement!) I’m definitely taking her and her sister for ice cream this weekend. I’m lucky to have them.”
We’re lucky that you trust that Bolder Options will make a difference for your kids. Thanks for letting us celebrate this with you!
Are you interested in making a difference in the like of a child by
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