MENtoring Challenge 2016

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Because no boy should be denied the opportunity
to become the man he was destined to be…NOT ON MY WATCH!

A major difference between young boys who are motivated and inspired – full of hope and dreaming of success – and those who are not, is simply a matter of putting them face-to-face and shoulder-to-shoulder with mentors, especially men who reflect the realities of a young boy’s world. The journey to, and through, manhood is one that could best be navigated with the guidance and support of a positive male role model. It is the knowledge learned during this rite of passage that all men should take some level of responsibility to help prepare the next generation. It is on us –the men who have “been there” and “done that”— to be the gatekeepers and stand watch during their transformation from boys to men. It is on our watch that they discover ways to become positive, successful individuals, great husbands, better fathers and community leaders. Ignoring this reality is something that should not happen, and at Bolder Options, it will not happen without a fight.

Bolder Options is putting out a challenge to ALL men.

mentor-coverwebThere are hundreds of boys on our waiting list in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Rochester, craving the guidance and support of someone like you. Starting January 15, we want to recruit 100 men over the next 100 days. Men of every color, men from every faith, men with honor and integrity from every background. We challenge you to take a stand and say “NOT ON MY WATCH!” because no boy should be denied the opportunity to find their way and become the man he was destined to be.


  • You don’t have to be the hero.
  • You’re not asked to save the day.
  • Just share your passion for living an active life with ONE youth, ONCE a week, for at least 2 hours (up to 4) for ONE year.

We seek to recruit 100 men –in 100 days– who pledge to shine a light and help a young boy, struggling at the crossroads of life, successfully find a positive path from adolescence to adulthood.  We especially seek mentors who have both a unique insight into the challenges faced by young boys of color AND a desire to make a difference in their community –because they reflect the community.

View the “NOT ON MY WATCH” MENTORING pledge here.

Click here to fill out the Mentor Application or Learn More about being a Bolder Options Mentor.
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