Making Time to Make a Change

Busy, busy, and BOLD! We’ve all got jam-packed schedules that can make it hard to find time toAreYouBold do the things we love. As a student in her third year at Mayo Medical School, Sharon Kim may have been at the top of the list of people who don’t have a lot of extra time on their hands. Still, the time Sharon found to share her passion for healthy living as a Bolder Options mentor made all the difference in the world to seventh-grader, Alex.

The pair was matched in 2012, and it was clear to Sharon from the start that the struggles Alex faced at school and at home were quickly shaping who she would become. Nonetheless, Sharon showed up every week with all of the time, kindness, and energy she had. “By showing up, and being there for her, I became someone she could trust. She’d never had that before,” she said. That trust quickly grew into a friendship. Sharon and Alex spent their year together exploring different ways to be physically active, volunteering, and encouraging Alex’s love of art. The pair even worked together to earn Alex a scholarship from the Ann Bancroft Foundation to attend her very first art camp!

Even though their official year together has long since come to an end, Alex and Sharon continue to spend time together. “My relationship with Alex has shaped the person I’ve become,” says Sharon. “It’s also shaped the kind of physician I hope to become; one who is genuinely caring, nonjudgmental, and addresses the holistic needs of my patients.”



We really mean it when we say “all it takes is all you’ve got!” No mentor is perfect, they’re just volunteers who are committed to helping youth achieve their full potential and who are open to having their lives changed, as well. If you’re ready to find out how you can change a youth’s life like Sharon did, we encourage you to come as you are and learn more about becoming a Bolder Options mentor here. Also, join us at our Mentor to the Max event at Magna on April 11 to experience a bootcamp style work out and hear from staff, as well as current and past mentors why now is the time to get involved! Check out our Faceook event to find out more!

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