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We all crave a more positive change at some point in life, or desire to maintain an exciting lifestyle like learning how to rock climb, getting out in the wilderness to camp, or knowing what the best shoes are to purchase for avid runners; but sometimes we just don’t know where to start. That’s why we are thrilled to partner up with a new and innovative event in our hometown! Starting May 2016, the Active Lifestyle Show will launch their first annual fitness convention in Minneapolis, where there will be new and exciting opportunities for people of all fitness levels to learn more about the newest trends in fitness, health, travel, and thrill-seeking adventures!  Exhibits will include a wide-range of sporting activities and products for consumers to learn about and get involved with.

“The objectives of The Active Lifestyle Show and Bolder Options mesh well together.  The all new Active Lifestyle Show will allow consumers, at any fitness level, to actually experience different options that are available to help them remain active or start being active.  Having grown up with the opportunity to participate in youth sports, I can relate to the importance of becoming active early in life.  That opportunity set the stage for me being active  in collegiate sports and hold positions working with youth. I continue to be active through multiple sports leagues. The decision to have Bolder Options part of our event was based on their commitment to offer youth opportunities to be active, which I was fortunate to have as a kid and helped make me who I am today.  We admire Bolder Options’ mission and are thrilled to have them as a key partner of our event.” -Dan DeJaeger, Show Producer

Visit the website to learn more about the partnership and how to get involved!


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