Give to the Max Day 2015: Mentor Pair Highlights


 Lindsay and Cheyenne of Rochester, MN were matched back  in 2010. Cheyenne faced various barriers through her year:  her mother was battling cancer, her siblings needed care and  due to her dyslexia, Cheyenne was struggling with school.

 With the support from Lindsay, Cheyenne overcame  challenges at school and felt supported to pursue her goals  and ambitions. Although Cheyenne now lives in Tennessee,  Lindsay is still a strong presence in her life. This past June,  Lindsay traveled to Tennessee to celebrate Cheyenne’s high school graduation. At the Bolder Bash Annual Dinner earlier this year, Cheyenne shared that Lindsay “has been there to counsel me and guide me in every part of my life; [she is] like a fish-the kind you don’t throw back [in the lake].”

Ben and Zaevion of Minneapolis were first matched in the spring of 2014. During their year together, Zaevion and Ben attended various program events, learned to set personal and academic goals and built self-confidence while paying it forward.

Last fall, Ben and Zaevion decided to purchase materials to make sandwiches to hand out to people experiencing homelessness in the community. They wanted to pay it forward to others, like others had done the same for them.

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Consider making a gift to Bolder Options to support youth such as Cheyenne and Zaevion, youth seeking a chance to reach their potential. Bolder Options helps empower youth and helps set young people on a positive course.

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