Finding common ground and building trust – our December Super Mentor

Our newest super mentor is Will Breen from Rochester.  Will and his mentee Latrell have been matched since March and are having a great time doing a variety of activities. One activity has brought them closer together – basketball!  Every update from Will includes a note about playing one-on-one, finding a pick-up game, the X Box NBA 2K15 video game or deep conversations about who is going to win the NBA championship this year.

Will has done an outstanding job of finding what Latrell enjoys and building upon that.  Their relationship has really grown through their common interest in sports so they always have something to talk about.  Finding common ground and building trust is important at the beginning of any relationship.  Trust doesn’t come easily, it is something that is earned and Will is now seeing the benefits of this.  Latrell has opened up about school, up-coming tests and assignments and what is happening socially.  The Bolder Staff would like to congratulate Will for putting in the time, effort and consistency so that their relationship can continue to grow and move to the next level.  Way to go Will! Congratulations on being named December’s Super Mentor!  Do you think you have what it takes to be a Bolder Options mentor?  Find out MORE.


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