December’s Super Mentor

Kirsten & Mia

Say hello to Kirsten Pethan from Rochester, this month’s Super Mentor.  Kirsten and her mentee Mia are celebrating their first anniversary together and are looking forward to continuing their relationship for many years to come.

“I can’t imagine ending the relationship very soon either; for one, we both enjoy each other so much, and two, I think Mia still will benefit from an outside mentor in her life, especially as she is going through the transition to middle school.”

Mia’s mother has expressed her gratitude (over and over!!) to Bolder Staff for finding her daughter the perfect match.  To be perfectly honest, we can’t take the credit.  Kirsten is just an awesome mentor and is in it for all of the right reasons.

So…… what does a Super Mentor do with their mentee?  Check out this list of activities!

“We’ve biked, roller bladed, hiked, canoed, fished, cooked, crafted, swam, sledded, Apple/strawberry picked, tried new restaurants, bowled, laser tagged, and had many a walk and car chats.  She sure is a special young woman and I have no doubts that she will continue to blossom into a a confident, caring, creative, smart, deeply loyal, and fun-loving individual”

Way to go Kirsten, you are deserving of the title- Super Mentor!!

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