Climb 4 Kids Photo Gallery

This past Sunday was Bolder Options’ 5th Annual Climb 4 Kids event. For me, this was my first time attending, but you can be sure I won’t miss it again! I was blown away by the amount of volunteer support at the event, but more than that, I was struck by the ambition and confidence I saw in the kids. They were having a blast, learning to tie their own knots, and were 10 feet up the wall before I could even offer a “you can do it!”A few of them even managed to get me to harness up and I will tell you that reaching the top and looking down to see the kids’ proud faces looking back at me was quite a rush. What a reminder that confidence is key and that we are each capable of more than we realize!


Communications and Outreach Intern








As can never be said enough, thank you to all of the event’s generous sponsors – Delta Dental, Hiawatha Home Care, Shane Roth LLC, Alpha Tau Omega, DQ, and College Muscle Movers – all of the volunteers who shared their time and passion for climbing, and everyone else who climbed. Without all of you, the night wouldn’t have been able to happen!

To see the rest of the photos from Climb 4 Kids, click HERE! Also, if you’d like to be a part of more fun activities like this and help a youth realize what they’re capable of, think about becoming a Bolder Options mentor or contact us about other upcoming volunteer opportunities.

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