Bolder Dash 2015 Results and Photos

This year’s Bolder Dash was quite the success! Thank you to every single person who came out to run or walk the Bolder Dash. Completing a 5K or a 10K is a huge success for many people, and everyone that participated should be very proud, especially knowing that their race fees will go to support the kids whose lives are being changed every time they lace up their running shoes.









For those competitive runners who ran the timed 10K, the Bolder Dash race results are available for viewing online. And, not only are there timed results, there are also personal-growth results to take note of after running a race. For our kids, we know that finishing a race results in an increased sense of accomplishment, better developed health habits, learning to set goals and meet them, being part of a peer group that supports and appreciates your wins, more confidence, exceeding your own expectations about what you think you can do, increased determination and perseverance, pushing your limits, and the great feeling of beating one’s mentor across the finish line.

Personal victories are what we aim for at Bolder Options! A yoIMG_8302ung lady, by the name of Kaliyah, just recently finished her mentoring with Bolder Options, and was the first of our youth to cross the finish line at the Bolder Dash. Kaliyah runs track at her school and has pushed herself to improve her running time, improve her grades and behavior in school, and find a job and volunteer opportunities this summer.  She’s accomplished all of her goals and has never been boastful about her achievements.  Kaliyah just looks forward to working on and achieving her future goals!

So, whether this was your first race or your 100th race, way to go! You’re BOLD. You proved it. We hope you lace up your shoes again next year and join us for the 2016 Bolder Dash!

Bolder Dash 2015 Photo Gallery

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