Beating the Odds

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” 

Anissa was struggling in school. Her grades were dropping quickly, she had difficulty making new friends, and was often getting in trouble with her teacher. The most devastating part, however, was that she felt she had no one to talk to when being a kid was just plain hard.

BolderPairThe youth of Bolder Options come from many different backgrounds and often face
challenges that impact their lives every day. For example, in 2014:

  • 79% of youth came from a household with only one primary caregiver
  • 70% reported a recent major life change, such as divorce, change of school, death or illness in the family
  • 58% expressed mental health concerns

However, our staff and mentors know that these kids are much more than statistics. For Anissa, one person and one year added up to a friendship that would last a lifetime. With kindness and guidance from a Bolder Options mentor, our youth are growing and achieving their goals every single day. By the end of 2014:

  • 90% of youth said they felt good about themselves
  • 94% were more physically active than before their involvement with Bolder Options
  • 100% were on track to graduate

C4KBlog2Now, we are excited to overcome obstacles of a different kind – and we’re doing it 50 feet off the ground! Bolder Options’ mentors and mentees will be at Vertical Endeavors in Minneapolis on March 8 for Climb 4 Kids and the best part is that YOU are invited too! Find out how to register here.

Bolder Options is seeing change happen one pair at a time, but it wouldn’t be possible without the time and support of each of our incredible mentors! So we have one last statistic to share: 100% of mentors valued the relationship they built with their mentee. If you’d like to learn more about how you can change a young person’s life, consider becoming a mentor today.

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