August Super Mentor of the Month!

August MentorJim Keegan is the man, and he is also Bolder Options’ August Super Mentor of the Month! He’s been a mentor at Bolder for 6 very eventful months. His mentee has gone through many life changes since they’ve met, and Jim has been there to listen to him and support him every step of the way. Jim is someone his mentee can trust and feels comfortable talking to. They have deep conversations about how the decisions one makes when they’re young, will effect them when they’re older. Jim asks his mentee about his future, what he would like to do, and who he would like to be. Together they brainstorm the different routes he can take to get there. Sometimes they don’t always see eye-to-eye, but they are both respectful of each of each other and are always willing to hear the other one’s perspective. There’s no telling what impact this relationship will have, but one can assume that having a caring, positive adult in one’s life will encourage one to do what it takes to meet those big life goals.

Check out our page if you want more information about how to become a mentor!

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