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A favorite past time shared by many is attending college sporting events. The atmosphere is so exciting! Between the intense support for a group of students fighting for “the W” and the intriguing rivalry with the opposing team, these events have spectators tipping off the edge of their seats. Sure, these individuals are highly talented in their sport, but what happens in the background when they are not playing? A large group of Bolder pairs were given the opportunity to meet the Hamline University women’s basketball team and the experience far exceeded expectations!

The coaches and athletes donated their time to Bolder Options this past weekend in the form of a basketball clinic on the Hamline campus. The kids went through a warm up followed by a few ball handling, shooting drills, and a thrilling game. After the camp the kids were given a tour of the campus then helped cheer for the Hamline women and men’s basketball games.

Throughout the camp the athletes were extremely kind and helpful. An example of how great of role models these women are was demonstrated when one of the girls climbed the bleachers to speak with a reluctant pair. Unprompted, she sat next to the youth to help make her feel comfortable. The compassion shown by this athlete undoubtedly paid off. The youth not only joined the group but was smiling the entire camp.

We are so thankful for the Hamline team and coaches for their time and effort! What a great lesson, the actions of these athletes prove that even the smallest interaction can have such a great impact on a youth’s life. Are you bold enough to dedicate a few hours a week? If you would like more information on mentoring visit be a mentor today.



  1. tina says

    My daughter had an awesome time there and learned a lot thank you for your time and effort in helping these kids who need you 😉

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