Anna and Tia

Tia was raised by a single mother and had to grow up very quickly with her mom working long hours and responsibilities caring for her younger sister. Anna describes Tia as very mature for her age.

“In the beginning, Tia was very shy and quiet and took some coaxing and time to open up. She is still as sweet and quiet as ever, but she has opened up a lot and I have seen her confidence come through even in basic conversations with strangers or people we meet through Bolder Options.” During her time in the program, Tia received the highest grades she has ever gotten and was on the honor roll. “I think Tia’s self-esteem and confidence has changed the most. I love watching her communicate and feel good about herself.”

Talking about their time in the program, Anna says that Tia “has achieved so many things she would have never tried before or have the opportunity to try. Tia and I have really bonded over being goofy and talking about challenges we are both going through. Tia is such a calm, understanding person and I really respect her as a person. She has overcome many challenges while being so young.”

Tia and Anna are part of the Alumni Program and went on the Boundary Waters trip. They plan to continue their relationship and participate in Alumni events.