Ancinetta – our November Super Mentor

Ancinetta Caldwell is Bolder Options’ SUPER Mentor of the month! Ancinetta and her mentee, Jada, are approaching graduation in November.

Over the past year they have become great buddies and life long friends. Ancinetta says Jada can “call her for life”. She’ll always be there for her. They have been on many adventures this last year. They explored the city, tried new foods, and have experienced things they didn’t think possible. Jada has learned about making healthy choices, both physically and mentally, in order to be a happier person. Ancinetta has shown her the possibility of what she can achieve. When the pair was informed of Ancinetta’s award, Jada had a grin on her face a mile wide. She is so proud of her mentor and thinks she deserves the honor of Super Mentor status! Congratulations, Ancinetta!

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